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Pool Update
We have had several issues in the past two weeks, not just the vandalism during the week of July 13.
  • One problem involved an electrical issue with the key fob system. It was tripping the system every time someone was trying to use their fobs to gain access to the pool. It wouldn't open for anyone. We believe it was just an electrical problem, possibly caused by the lightning from the storms over the past couple weeks. An electrician was called and the system was repaired.
  • We have several instances of people throwing the pool furniture into the pool. The latest one happened while their parents were present. A board member witnessed this and the parents only response when approached was "I told them not to do it so oh well." (We have since revoked their pool privileges as this was not the first issue with this homeowner).
  • Our pool staff let us know that we have had several instances in the past couple visits where people have gone into the bathrooms and either vomited or defecated all over the bathrooms. Someone smeared feces all over the urinals and floors and dumped over the trash.
  • We have even had an incident of kids (not little kids) defecating in the pool while others are present. This required the pool to be shocked and an extensive cleaning done by our pool company to ensure that it was safe for people to swim.
  • On Thursday evening (July 13) we got a call saying that our gate was broken again. It appears that someone purposely broke and bent the electrical panel, and the metal closure to where the fobs cannot be recognized to open the gate, as well as leaving the gate unable to latch closed for safety reasons. The panel was now not functioning and we had to take bids to get it repaired as soon as we could. This cost is not going to be cheap and we had to replace numerous parts to activate the locking system again, and repair the metal latch on the gate.
  • Due to the recent events, the Board has made the difficult decision that our pool season will end with the Back to School Pool party at the end of August (more details to follow).
  • We are already looking into lifeguard costs for the 2018 season, and these are going to be approximately $20,000 - $25,000 in addition to the regular pool maintenance costs for the year.  This is to have the pool open for 8 hours, 6 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day only.
  • Please remember that all members under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is ALL OF OUR DUTY AS OWNERS of the pool to provide a safe and clean environment for all of the homeowners of Barker Lake, not only for the safety of our children, but also to protect the neighborhood's investment in the pool.
Thank you again for your patience.