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Lake Sealing Project
After many months of research by our Lake Committee, we have a solution to seal the lake.

Work will be starting this week.
We have purchased a product called ESS-13 by Seepage Control.  This is an EPA compliant and environmentally safe product.
Installation could take approximately two (2) days and will start April 28th or April 29th. 
  • During installation, there will be a slight odor similar in smell to crude vegetable oil.
  • After installation, there could be a strong odor from the lake.  Probable cause of this is due to the decomposing matter (algae, moss etc.) on the lake bottom lifting if it gets coated with the ESS-13.  These conditions may cause a “stagnant pond” odor.  If this happens it should be short-lived and should not pose a threat to the public.
  • ESS-13 has been tested in a lab and found to be non-toxic to fish but could result in some loss. 
  • Even though the product is non-toxic, please do not let your pet(s) or children drink from the lake.
  • The treatment will temporarily cloud the water.  This clouding will clear within a few days to a few weeks.
  • A foam ring could form around the lake edge.
  • This is a non-hazardous product, vegetable based product.
This product is guaranteed to reduce seepage by 60%, and based upon data received from Seepage Control up to 80%.
The steps after this installation, will be to allow the lake to create its "new" natural level, and then we can start working on the landscaping up to the waters edge later in the year.