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Another Pool Update...
We have had yet another incident regarding the pool.
Late last week we had another situation where the pool furniture had been thrown into the pool yet again. One of our homeowners was kind enough to fish it out of the pool upon seeing it submerged in the water for us during their visit to the pool. We cannot afford to replace the furniture yet again due to rusting and water damage, therefore we have decided to put away the pool furniture for the rest of the season and we advised our pool maintenance crew store it in our pool house office.
On Saturday evening one of our board members drove by the pool and noticed that there was furniture out at the pool and stopped to see how it got there since it had been stored. One of the families at the pool told our board member that she had entered through the office window and opened the locked door from the inside of the pool house, removing some of the furniture and putting it out for others to use. After reviewing the fob usage for the day we were able to narrow it down and identify the person by name. Upon further investigation, a photo was shown to the board member and this homeowner was positively identified. Surveillance footage is also being reviewed for further ID purposes and we are seeing what our options are besides revoking pool privileges.
For the time being, anyone visiting the pool will need to bring their own chair or blanket to sit on. Hopefully, by adding lifeguards back in the mix next year, we will avoid any further issues like we have experienced this season.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in the matter.