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Pool update

Your Barker Lake Board Of Directors has been working closely with our association management company, our insurance companies, and Trident Aquatics (our pool management company) to see what it would take to open the pool for the 2020 season. The guidelines we have received from these sources outline significant risk to the association and its homeowners. Unfortunately, based on this information, it has been decided that the best course of action will be to leave the pool closed for the 2020 swim season. The decision to keep the community pool closed was a difficult one. It was made with the safety of our homeowners at the forefront of every discussion, along with our financial responsibility to appropriately use the annual assessments collected by our association.

Although the stay at home order has been lifted for Texas, there are still a lot of requirements for opening a pool. We feel that we are not able to effectively or financially implement some of these new requirements. As a community, we are keeping ourselves aligned with the City of Houston’s policies for all of the city pools.

We understand that you may disagree and be disappointed with this decision, however, please be assured that we have remained vigilant, reviewing every piece of available information in depth that has been collected. This includes CDC publications and requirements, local and state government guidelines, and of course, statements and information from our own contracted pool company.

For the few homeowners that paid for their pool fobs already, we will be returning those checks to you in approximately the next two weeks.

As always, we encourage and invite you to attend our HOA meetings or join the Board of Directors/ Volunteers. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this matter. Any further questions can be directed to Beverly McCoy with SCS Management at 281-463-1777.

Thank you,
Barker Lake Board of Directors

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