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Lost and Found Pets
Have you lost or found a pet in Barker Lake?
Losing Fido or Kitty can be very stressful, and we want to help you get re-united with your family furry friend.
Instead of just posting flyers on the mailboxes, you can use the Barker Lake Website to post information about your lost pet, or one you have found.
Simply complete the link, and attach a picture.
Hopefully your family will be back together again soon!

Male Pug Mix
Found male pug mix on Lavender Landing in Towne Lake. Faded red or pink collar without a tag and he is not chipped. Very friendly. We have him at our home.
Pug mix
Found in barker lake sweet pug mix jumped into car and snuggled in lap. Please let me know if someone knows who he belongs to. I have him safe but have 3 large dogs who are not happy at the moment.